What changes, if any, would you most like to see regarding how the police department operates?

MILTON support policies that increase community engagement including establishing community partner-based policing solutions, alternative response systems, and improving upon race relations and communications to remove the disconnect with racial and ethnic groups. In addition, I support efforts to strengthen the role of the Police Review Board by enacting more authority to review complaints and complements. Overall, the Police Departmental needs to develop better transparency that will ultimately build community trust. We are all in this together and we need to ensure that we hear from the Lawrence community at large including the rank and file police who interact the most with the citizens. In addition, I support measures of the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act of 2021 which prohibit federal, state, and local law enforcement from racial, religious and discriminatory profiling, mandates training on racial, religious, and discriminatory profiling for all law enforcement, and requires law enforcement to collect data on all investigatory activities. It establishes public safety innovation grants for community-based organizations to create local commissions and task forces to help communities to re-imagine and develop concrete, just and equitable public safety approaches. It will support critical community-based programs to change the culture of law enforcement and empower our communities to reimagine public safety in an equitable and just way.

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  1. What is your stance on private residential property owners paying to repair public sidewalks adjacent to their property?

    1. I believe the City should not add any additional expenses to the landowners. Instead, this in an opportunity for the City to offer a limited source of funding to offset upkeep of the sidewalk repair geared especially to the elderly through its current street maintenance funds or other potential resources as a means to assist.

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