Milton supports Lawrence City Commission commitment for the Built for Zero resolution end to homelessness in five years, and to end chronic homelessness in our community by January 1, 2023. Milton spent over 20 years with the Lawrence-Douglas County Housing Authority as Director of Programs and Property Management, and was Executive Director of the Kansas City, Kansas Housing Authority. Over the years he has worked with local community housing providers and partners. Milton is the only city commission candidate that has administered affordable housing programs including programs for people experiencing homelessness. Milton has successfully administered and written grants for federal programs including Moving to Work (MTW), Transitional Housing, public housing, and Section 8.  Milton oversaw the HOPE House program that housed chronically homeless individuals with dual diagnosis of mental illness and substance abuse.


Milton supports the review of current utility rates. It was reported in the Lawrence-Journal World that the average 2020 utility bill in Lawrence is higher than in most small metro areas. In fact, Lawrence ranked in the top 20 for highest utility bill averages. Total median utility costs in Lawrence were $262 per month. That was the 19th highest out of 120 small metro areas. Lawrence was tied for 23rd among the small metro areas for highest water and sewer bill averages. In 2012, single-family residences received trash carts provided by the city. An additional $19.36 a month fee was added to the utility bill based on a 65-gallon cart. Since then, a single-family residence has paid $2091 for the two carts. The replacement fee for each trash cart is $55. The utility rates and incidental fees are higher than average. Due to the higher-than-average utility rates coupled with an expensive housing market, lower income households generally experience a much larger financial impact.


Milton supports the review of and prioritizing all capital improvement projects including neighborhood street improvements. Congress is positioning itself to approve a major infrastructure plan for the country.  With a review and prioritizing of projects, the city will position itself to have “shovel ready” projects that can be ready to receive federal dollars. This will lend itself to potential JOB OPPORTUNITIES for the community.  Increased infrastructure projects will benefit and bring new federal dollars to our community.