We’re proud of our history, and the legacy we’ve already established. But we’re even more excited by what’s ahead of us and the dynamic future that awaits.

At CF, our story is still being written.

Company adopts a new logo reflecting its clean energy strategy


Lowest year-end 12-month rolling average recordable incident rate in CF history


Achieved the lowest year-end 12 month rolling average recordable incident rate in company's history at 0.48 incidents per 200,000 work hours.
Company announces strategic shift to provide clean energy to help industries decarbonize.


Acquire outstanding units of Terra Nitrogen Company, L.P.


Acquisition of all the outstanding units we did not already own in Terra Nitrogen Company, L.P. As a result, the company now owns 100 percent of its Verdigris Nitrogen Complex in Oklahoma.
Full year company-record gross ammonia production


In 2017, the company produced 10.3 million tons of gross ammonia, a company-record.
Donaldsonville and Port Neal expansion projects completed.


Completion of our capacity expansion projects at our Donaldsonville, Louisiana, and Port Neal, Iowa, nitrogen complexes. We increased our nitrogen capacity by more than 25 percent, and our Donaldsonville facility is the world’s largest nitrogen complex.
Launch of strategic venture with CHS, Inc.


Launch of our strategic venture with CHS, Inc., the nation’s leading farmer-owned cooperative. The venture includes a supply agreement under which CHS is entitled to purchase up to 1.7 million tons of granular urea and UAN annually, as well as an equity investment whereby CHS invested $2.8 billion in a CF subsidiary.
Launch of 4R Plus nutrient stewardship and conservation practice program in Iowa


CF partners with The Nature Conservancy on the 4R Plus program, a science-based approach to providing farmers with the knowledge and tools to minimize nutrient loss through emissions and runoff into adjacent water bodies while improving crop yields and soil health.
New granular urea plant start-up at the Donaldsonville Nitrogen Complex.


Start-up of the new granular urea plant at our Donaldsonville Nitrogen Complex. This is the first plant to be commissioned and started-up as part of CF’s major capacity expansion projects in North America, and it is the first new world-scale urea plant to be completed in North America since 1998.
Acquisition of remaining interests in the GrowHow UK Limited joint venture.


Acquisition of the outstanding interests we did not already own in the GrowHow UK Limited joint venture. For the first time, we expanded fully into the United Kingdom market, where we operate as CF Fertilisers UK Limited.
Complete $1.4 billion sale of phosphate mining operations to The Mosaic Company.


Completion of the sale of our phosphate mining and manufacturing operations to the Mosaic Company for $1.4 billion. With the sale, we became focused exclusively on nitrogen products.
Acquire outstanding interests not already owned in Canadian Fertilizers, Ltd. (CFL)


Acquisition of all the outstanding interests we did not already own in Canadian Fertilizers, Ltd. (CFL). CFL is our Medicine Hat (Alberta) Nitrogen Complex, the second largest nitrogen plant in North America.
Acquisition of Terra Industries Inc.


Acquisition of Terra Industries Inc. The acquisition brought into CF our Courtright (Ontario), Port Neal (Iowa), Verdigris (Oklahoma), Woodward (Oklahoma) and Yazoo City (Mississippi) nitrogen complexes. As a result, we became a nitrogen bellwether, and we positioned ourselves for global success.
Begin trading common stock of CF Industries Holdings, Inc. (NYSE; CF).


Common stock of CF Industries Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: CF) began trading on the New York Stock Exchange on August 11.
Company exited the potash distribution business.


Complete expansion of Donaldsonville Nitrogen Complex.


Expansion of Donaldsonville Nitrogen Complex complete. This project would include the last world-scale urea plant completed in North America for 17 years.
Operations begin at Medicine Hat Nitrogen Complex joint venture.


Name changed from Central Farmers to CF Industries.


Donaldsonville Nitrogen Complex begins production of ammonia.


The Donaldsonville Nitrogen Complex, today the world's largest, first produced ammonia in December of 1966. Construction of the plant was completed in 1969.
Begin association with Plant City, Florida, phosphate plant.


Added potash to our product line.


Began construction of a phosphate complex in Idaho.


Company purchased interest in a nitrogen manufacturing complex.


Company purchased interest in a nitrogen manufacturing complex. The investment marked our first step into manufacturing, rather than just purchasing, fertilizer.
The Central Farmers Fertilizer Company was founded to supply fertilizer for its members.