Our commitment to environmental stewardship and corporate responsibility

As the world’s largest producer of ammonia, CF Industries plays a central role in addressing critical, wide-reaching issues

Ammonia and ammonia-derived nitrogen fertilizer products provide energy to crops to increase crop yields. It is estimated that fertilizer makes possible 50% of the world’s food production. At the same time, fertilizer allows more crops to be grown on less land, preserving carbon-sequestering forests.

Today, CF Industries is leveraging its expertise in ammonia production to decarbonize its production network and help meet emerging demand from energy-intensive industries for ammonia as a clean energy source. The breadth of our network and clean energy initiatives have positioned the Company at the forefront of low-carbon ammonia production, supporting decarbonization efforts of other hard-to-abate industries globally while still providing fertilizer that helps feed the world.

Our focus on providing clean energy to the world is linked to a deep commitment to sustainability. We take a broad view of the sustainability issues where we believe we can make an impact as we listen to all our stakeholders. Our initiatives to reduce the environmental footprint of our business often attract the most attention. But our sustainability focus incorporates a much wider range of critical topics such as inclusion, diversity and equity (ID&E), safety, food security, nutrient management, biodiversity, and community involvement.


ESG Report

A detailed breakdown of how we integrate ESG and sustainability into our business model, operations, and interactions with stakeholders. This report contains comprehensive ESG disclosures and performance metrics. It is intended for sustainability and finance professionals. 

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Sustainability Report

An overview of CF Industries’ commitments and progress on corporate sustainability initiatives, along with our evolution as a company and our engagement with employees and communities. This report is intended for value chain partners, employees, and community members.

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Message from President and CEO, Tony Will

To our stakeholders:

Two years ago, we set CF Industries on an exciting new path. One focused on the emerging clean energy economy, defined by our commitment to decarbonize our ammonia production network and underpinned by a comprehensive set of environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals. Our progress is tangible.

In 2022, CF Industries made substantial progress across the ESG dimensions that we believe are critical to the long-term success of our Company and are material to our stakeholders. This progress has been driven by outstanding work from the CF Industries team guided by our strategy to leverage our unique capabilities to accelerate the world’s transition to clean energy.

We are incredibly proud of the progress we have made, with quantifiable CO2 emissions reductions in sight and measurable progress across our ESG dimensions. What energizes us is the path ahead and the broad impact our work – in motion today and in development for tomorrow – will have on the world around us.

Sustainability at CF Industries

At CF Industries, sustainability is embedded into our corporate strategy and is at the core of every decision we make to maintain and grow our business.

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