Other Nitrogen Products

Agricultural and industrial uses for nitrogen products abound. While ammonia, granular urea, UAN and ammonium nitrate typically account for the vast majority of our annual production, we do manufacture other nitrogen products that also meet growing customer demand. 

Diesel Exhaust Fluid

Diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) is an aqueous urea solution made with 32.5 percent high-purity urea (AUS 32) and 67.5 percent deionized water. DEF is used as a consumable in Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) in order to lower NOx concentration in the diesel exhaust emissions from diesel engines.

Nitrogen Sulphur

Manufactured exclusively in our United Kingdom facilities, our extensive range of Nitrogen Sulphur Fertilisers, DoubleTop®, SingleTop® and Sulphur Gold® have been tried and tested on British soil consistently delivering enviable yields year on year.

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NPK Compound Fertilisers

Manufactured exclusively in our United Kingdom facilities, CF Compound Fertilisers are able to enhance a wide range of nutritional imbalance, with solutions to lift or maintain phosphorous and potassium index. 

Our NPKS are specifically designed for British soil types and climate to deliver a vital source of nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium and sulphur needed for maximum yield potential.  Our unique compounds offer an advantage over the blended alternative with all four nutrients landing in an even spread where required. 

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